Top 6 Best Air Fryers for the Money

best air fryers for the money

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Coming across a good air fryer may be a complicated process for those who are not used to them. There are many different models from many different companies that many people haven’t even heard of before and finding one that is worth the amount of money that you’re intending on putting into the device can be a daunting process.

Thankfully we’ve taken the time to rates the top six best air fryers for your money as well as providing a detailed insight as to what makes these devices the best for what they are and the capacities that they can hold.

How We Rate Our Products

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We rate our products based on a series of different factors that we feel are important to fairly and accurately assess each air fryer.

  • Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are the most critical factor that we consider when it comes to looking at the quality of these products. While most of these air fryers come highly rated, there may be issues that some customers experience that make it difficult to give a product the higher rating.
  • Cost: We’re looking for cost-efficiency when we’re looking at every one of these products, while some of these air fryers are a little pricier than others, they have more to provide, and as long as their features warrant the cost then they will rate highly in our list.
  • Functionality: Each of these air fryers on this list provide a quality product At the end of each session, however, those air fryers that offer more functionality and user-friendliness are going to be rated higher than those who are more complicated to operate.

The Top 6 Best Air Fryers for the Money





[amazon link=”B07FDJMC9Q” title=”Ninja Air Fryer 4 Quart” /]

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[amazon link=”B07GJBBGHG” title=”COSORI Air Fryer 5.8 Quart” /]

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[amazon link=”B07CZZ59CQ” title=”OMORC Air Fryer 5.8 Quart” /]

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[amazon link=”B07D4P3SKY” title=”The Yedi Houseware 5.8 Quart” /]

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[amazon link=”B07FM93K51″ title=”Blusmart Hot Air Fryer 3.4 Quart” /]

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[amazon link=”B01M8HZLZ3″ title=”Philips Viva Airfryer” /]

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[amazon link=”B07FDJMC9Q” title=”Ninja Air Fryer 4 Quart” /]

[amazon box=”B07FDJMC9Q”]

Ninja is a brand we may be familiar with thanks to its popularity sparkling from their blender line up that rivaled the Nutribullet time and time again. Now they have released an air fryer that’s proving to be an excellent addition to their reputation and lineup.

With this device, you don’t only get an air fryer, but you also get a dehydrator, a baker, and a heating device that cooks up and serves food within minutes versus the half an hour to an hour it would take with conventional ovens. Everything that you need to cook your food is accessible through the one-touch control panel that has an LCD that shows temperature and time.

The ninja air fryer has been tested to cook up to two pounds of french fries with minimal oil to create delicious, crispy, french fries for the family. Many comments in the reviews section stated that they didn’t even bother with oil and they still got terrific results out of their air fried food,  which means that you can make your meal even healthier if you desired.

The dehydration setting allows you to make fun snacks for the family out of just about anything, and that includes making things such as:

  • Beef jerky
  • Potato chips
  • Dehydrated fruit
  • Veggie chips

Making a casserole or roasting vegetables for your dinner plans is also a possibility with this air fryer, and with the right recipe and settings, you can achieve just about anything with the roast function. The specific model of ninja air fryer has a temperature range that goes between 105 degrees all the way to 400 degrees Fahrenheit which enables you to cook whatever you want.

Thanks to the smart processor that’s responsible for regulating and providing the perfect temperature, Ninja claims you won’t get a more accurate device. Additionally, Ninja guarantees that you’ll have up to 75 percent less fat in your food compared to traditional frying methods and tested in their laboratories on several samples for quality assurance.

All of the accessories that come with this product are dishwasher safe which makes cleanup easy and convenient especially after making a large amount of air fried food. They come covered in a Teflon coating that helps food not stick to the product itself, and that also means that it’s easier to clean up even if you choose not to use a dishwasher.

The Ninja air fryer comes in two colors, either black or gray, and currently, it sits as Amazon’s best-selling item for its category.

[amazon link=”B07GJBBGHG” title=”COSORI Air Fryer 5.8 Quart” /]

[amazon box=”B07GJBBGHG”]

Cosori ’s air fryer is the only one in this list that claims it can cut out up to 85 percent of fat in your foods by using their product. You have up to 11 different presets to choose from which are all easily accessible from a single Touch button on either side of the LCD. These preset include:

  • Chicken
  • Seafood
  • Steak
  • Bacon
  • French fries
  • Root vegetables
  • Desserts
  • Frozen foods
  • Shrimp
  • Vegetables
  • Bread

You’ll receive a cookbook with your device that gives you over a hundred recipes that you can try with your unit have already been tested and confirmed. These recipes cover a broad spectrum of different food types including breakfast items, lunch and dinner items, as well as even a few dessert ideas.

The device itself holds up to 5.8 quarts, and like the other units in this list, it takes a little to no oil to operate. It does feature a keep warm function that allows you to premake your food if you’re expecting guests and serve it hot and fresh when they arrive.

There’s also a shake reminder that goes off when you know need to shake the basket to keep your food even like cooked. Additionally, the Corosi Air Fryer features a temperature adjustment that allows you to change the time and temperature that you want something to prepare for if you have a specific recipe that calls for it.

This model came designed with a slimmer footprint than its predecessors which works perfectly for families who need the most counter space made available to them. This unit also comes with a two-year warranty, built-in safety features like automatic shut-off and overheat protection.

The Corsori air fryer is easy to clean by merely placing the removable non-stick drawer in the dishwasher and turning it on. You can purchase this item on Amazon.

[amazon link=”B07CZZ59CQ” title=”OMORC Air Fryer 5.8 Quart” /]

[amazon box=”B07CZZ59CQ”]

Sitting at one of our most significant air fryers in the list, the Omorc Air fryer XL is perfect for creating healthy, fried meals for large families. It’s in her face had convenience in mind thanks to the large LCD screen that indicates both the time and the temperature that your air fryer gets set.

Plus it only features a single knob in which you can either set a specific temperature or use any one of the seven preset features that it has installed in its system. Just rotate the knob until the desired setting is selected which will highlight on either side of the display screen, and then pushing the knob when you found the environment that you want.

Another feature that we found to be extremely helpful is the fact that the fryer basket will not detach from the unit unless you hit the release button which has a protective cover over it. Just slide the cover forward and press the button to release the basket. This feature is great especially if you have young children and it prevents potential accidents.

You don’t have to use oil when using this product many people choose to opt out of oil to make their meals healthier overall. All of its accessories are easy to clean, and they’re completely dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

As a bonus towards its safety features, the basket and the fry pot come equipped with a cool touch handle, and the machine automatically shuts off once the fry pot becomes removed from the unit.  Omorc also introduced a feature that prevents scalding the fundamental units of the device by allowing the fan inside to spin for around 10 seconds to push out extra heat.

Along with the air fryer, you do get a free recipe book in a user manual when you purchase this item.

[amazon link=”B07D4P3SKY” title=”The Yedi Houseware 5.8 Quart” /]

[amazon box=”B07D4P3SKY”]

The Yeti houseware air fryer has a 5.8-quart capacity, and this particular model comes with just about everything that you need to cook a large assortment of food.

It features a digital touch screen that allows you to set customizable cooking times and temperatures depending on what it is that you’re making, as well as built-in programs explicitly designed for different food items that you may air fry. These programs include:

  • Shrimp
  • Chicken
  • Baked goods
  • Fries
  • Pork Chops
  • Steak
  • Fish

The deluxe accessory cooking kit that comes with this specific kit features an eight-inch cake carrol, a multi-purpose rack with three stainless steel skewers, a rubber mat, an eight-inch pizza pan, and a metal holder. You can also pick up the Yeti houseware mobile app that’s available for IOS and Android-based devices and look up different recipes that you can utilize for your family.

The best thing about this app is that the recipes are updated every single week, so there’s always something new to try. The pack itself comes with its recipe book as well as a recommended cooking time table that you can refer to at your convenience. The best part about this unit operation is that it only takes a tablespoon of oil or less to manage to fry your foods.

The Yeti air fryer promises healthier foods through frying with them, taking over 75 percent of the fat found in these foods and removing them so that you can eat without concern plus you also get 50 perforated parchment steamer papers which help keep food from sticking to each other and the cooking baskets.

All of their accessories are FDA-certified as well as PFOA free. Plus this unit features a 12-month guarantee if you have any concerns with the product whatsoever. Does air fryer only weighs about 17 and a half pounds, and fits perfectly on your kitchen counter.

You can find the Yeti air fryer on Amazon in both the 3.7 quart and the 5.8 quarts.

[amazon link=”B07FM93K51″ title=”Blusmart Hot Air Fryer 3.4 Quart” /]

[amazon box=”B07FM93K51″]

The Blusmart hot air fryer is only 3.4 quarts in size; however, it still can feed a couple of people off of a single serving. Its compact size means that you’ll be able to heat your food at a much faster rate than the larger models. It fits snugly on your countertop without taking up too much room.

It takes a maximum of 30 minutes to get started on any meal, and the auto shut-off feature is a beautiful way to ensure that your family and your home stay safe while using this product.  You don’t need to use a lot of oil to fry up your favorite foods, and some customers even claimed that they didn’t need to use oil at all to fry up their dinner for the day.

The controls are precise as far as setting your temperature is concerned, and the temperature range goes anywhere between 170 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. All of the buttons are easy to use, and there’s very little time needed to learn about how this air fryer works.

Bluesmart claims that there are fire reduces up to 80 percent of the fat found in your food, which is perfect for healthier meals for your family. Similar to other air fryers on this list, you can use this air fryer for multiple purposes, especially for baking and roasting. One of the more unique features that this unit comes with is the ability to grill your food using the group.

The nonstick surface that coats the inside of the unit makes it easy to clean with just warm water and soap. However, it’s compact enough that you can easily slip it into the dishwasher and have it clean in that way if you don’t have a lot of time.  

Many customers were happy to discover that the Blusmart air fryer is very quiet, and it doesn’t create a lot of smell or splatter when used.

With the purchase of this air fryer, it will also have access to a recipe book that’s included to give you ideas on different meals that you can prep in the Blusmart air fryer, as well as maximizing its use in your kitchen. A 60-day warranty comes included with your purchase, and you can return it for any reason if you do not like your product.

You can find the Blusmart air fryer on Amazon.

[amazon link=”B01M8HZLZ3″ title=”Philips Viva Airfryer” /]

[amazon box=”B01M8HZLZ3″]

The features that make the Philips Viva air fryer a unique design compared to other air fryers on the market would be at patented starfish designed circulator which pushes hot air back up and around the cooking basket. This feature is the design that allows excellent air circulation and perfect cooking experience.

This little device is only 2.75 quarts which are great for a family of two or if you’re living on your own and you’re looking for something small and compact that can fry up your food. Since it is so tiny, it will heat up quickly and cook your food faster than most models on the market. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t do the job when you need to take on more food.

By itself, it can take on an entire bag of french fries and cook them to perfection, and the average french fry bag from the frozen aisle weighs just under two pounds. You won’t have to worry about shaking or turning your food halfway through cooking, because this little device is capable of powering through even when the food is piled up.

The Philips Viva air fryer is very versatile in how you can use it. You could grill your food on it, bake cakes and bread, or even roast meats and vegetables in it. Thanks to the cookbook that comes with your purchase, you’ll have over 150 different recipes to try out with your little device.

Unlike with traditional fryers, the Philips air fryer does not create nearly as much smell which works excellent and smaller kitchens and apartment complexes, and you won’t have to worry about oil splattering on you when you go to retrieve your food.

Once done, you can easily take the fryer basket out and place it in your dishwasher for easy cleaning, and it’s so small that it stores away anywhere that’s convenient. It only weighs two pounds, and it can fit in any space just under two feet in height.  The Vita air fryer comes in two colors, black and white, and you can purchase it on Amazon.

What We Think

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one of the best air fryers for the money

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Personally, when it comes to choosing between what we’ve featured in our lineup, we feel either the Ninja air fryer or the Omorc air fryer are the best choices as far as quality is concerned. With Ninja you have a lot of options available to you as now as what you can do with the product, especially features such as being able to dehydrate foods for snacks later.

However, Omorc’s safety features are desirable especially if you have a hectic household and you’re prone to forget to turn off the units or if you go to reach for a hot handle you won’t have that problem with this device. We do also like the size of the Omorc since it will cater to larger families and events without difficulty.

While the final decision rests on your needs, choosing either one of these products would be a good investment for your household, especially if you enjoy the taste of fried foods, but you’re looking for a healthier alternative.

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