Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Review

phillips smokeless indoor grill review

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An indoor grill is a must-have appliance if you enjoy grilling but live in an apartment. You can also use an indoor grill to satisfy your cravings for grilled steaks or vegetarian shish kabobs in the middle of the winter. Phillips offers a great indoor grill as a part of its Advance Collection brand. Let’s take a closer look at this performing and versatile appliance in this Philips smokeless indoor grill review.

What Is The Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill?

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The Advance Collection smokeless indoor grill sold by Philips uses infrared heat to cook your food. There are reflectors inside of the appliance that channels the infrared heat, so it warms up the cooking surface.

The nonstick cooking surface will reach a temperature of 446°F once the grill is done preheating. The appliance delivers a constant cooking temperature for even grilling.

Using infrared heat reduces the amount of smoke generated when grilling. The infrared heat is a must-have feature for grilling food inside, but you should still use the grill in a well-ventilated area since some smoke can still appear.

The cooking grid features a nonstick aluminum surface. It’s very easy to clean, and the grid design will create a traditional grilling pattern on the foods you cook. The cooking grid is perfect for charring meat due to the constant temperature and nonstick surface.

The reflectors found on the inside of the grill are an interesting feature. The reflectors concentrate the heat in the center of the appliance and channel it into the cooking grid.

The reflectors help the appliance maintain a constant grilling temperature. It also makes the indoor grill more energy-efficient and helps you get even results.

We like the compact, rectangular design of this indoor grill. You will a find a button on the side of the grill that you can use to turn it on and off, but the outside of the grill is smooth.

It measures 14.5” by 19.75” and is 5.5” high. These dimensions are perfect for most kitchen counters.

There are handles on the sides of the cooking grid. The handles make the grill safer to use because they prevent other appliances from being too close to the hot grilling surface. The handles stay cool to the touch when the grill is on.

If you have used an indoor grill before, you know that splattering can be an issue. Indoor grills can make a mess on your countertop or stovetop, but this Philips smokeless indoor grill is designed to minimize splattering.

The reflectors concentrate the heat on the center of the grill. The grease and fat are channeled on the sides of the grill and end up in a drip tray. Grease doesn’t splatter because it’s not exposed to the high cooking temperature that you will find at the center of the grill.

The non-slip feet of the grill and constant temperature make this appliance safe to use. The stainless steel exterior of the grill is easy to clean with a sponge, and you can wash the nonstick cooking grid in a dishwasher. Grease goes into a drip tray that you can empty and clean with dish soap.

There is a rotisserie attachment available for this indoor grill. It’s sold separately and is mounted on top of the grill. You can use it to roast a small chicken or cook some roast beef.

What Makes The Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Unique?

This indoor grill stands out thanks to its nonstick cooking grid. The grid is designed to char meat just like an outdoor grill would.

Using infrared heat is another interesting feature. The reflectors deliver a constant cooking temperature. You can use the center of the grill to easily get even results when grilling a wide range of foods and never have to worry about adjusting the temperature of the grill.

The absence of smoke and splattering make this compact grill ideal for indoor use. Indoor grill manufacturers typically claim that they offer a smokeless product with no splattering, but very few deliver on these promises. Phillips offers an indoor grill that is smokeless and that greatly reduces splattering.

Keep in mind that the grill generates 80 percent less smoke when compared to an outdoor grill. There is still some smoke caused by charring meat. It’s best to use the grill near an open window. It’s also important to closely watch the grill when you are using it.

The constant grilling temperature of 446°F is suitable for grilling meats and vegetables. It’s high enough to safely cook meat.

We like the design of the reflectors because concentrating the infrared heat on the center of the cooking grid makes the grill more efficient. Having the heat source below the cooking grid means that the grid gets hot enough to grill food without burning it.

This is important because a grilling surface that is too hot will burn meat and create carcinogen substances in the process. Moving the heat source below the cooking grid reduces the amount of carcinogen substances generated and prevents food from burning.

The constant heat combined with the drip tray will help get grease and fats out of the foods you are cooking. Grilling some cuts of meat makes them leaner compared to other cooking techniques.

The grill is very easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in, turn it on, and wait a few minutes for the cooking grid to heat up. You can use the keep warm button once your food is ready.


We found a few websites that sell the Philips smokeless indoor grill:

What Do Other Reviews Say About The Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill?

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The Philips smokeless indoor grill has received very positive reviews from shoppers. The Amazon product page for the grill has more than 400 reviews and shoppers have given the product an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

The product has a higher rating on the official Bed Bath & Beyond website at 4.4 out of 5 stars. Cnet also published a detailed review of the product. This review is positive in spite of a few drawbacks due to the grill being difficult to clean.

All these reviews tend to mention the same positive points. The grill is easy to use and delivers amazing results. People who have never grilled in their lives were able to get even results and cook delicious BBQ meals.

Shoppers are overall very happy with the appliance and say there is no smoke when they use it. The keep warm function is convenient, and people love the dry heat of the grill. The cooking grid is ideal for grilling a wide range of foods. There is no need to prep this surface with butter or oil, and it does a great job of charring meat.

The constant heat of the cooking surface is a divisive point. Some shoppers love this feature because it means they don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature of the grill.

Others wish they could control the temperature because not everything needs to be cooked at 446ۥC. The constant heat can dry some delicate cuts of meat and tends to be too much for some foods that need to cook at lower temperatures for longer periods, such as seafood. This may or may not be an issue depending on the foods you want to grill.

The other downside mentioned in some reviews is the cleanup process. Some reviewers feel that cleaning up the grill is easy. They explain that they wait for the grill to cool down to wipe it with some hot water and a sponge. Dish soap is enough to get rid of grease residues.

The review published by Cnet mentions that some grease got on the reflectors inside of the appliance and was very difficult to remove. We recommend that you clean the grill with dish soap and hot water before grease residues harden.

How Does The Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Compare To Other Appliances?

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We found a few other indoor grills to consider if the Philips smokeless grill doesn’t seem like a good match for you.

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill With Removable Plates And Less Smoke

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This indoor grill is a great alternative if you are looking for a more affordable appliance or need a grill with a compact design. This is a small and versatile appliance that is just under seven-inches high. It is 16.73” wide and 12.4” deep.

There is a large drip tray that you can easily remove and clean in your dishwasher. The hood helps reduce splattering and can be used to keep the food warm. We like the clear opening in the hood that lets you keep an eye on the food.

This small grill features a knob you can use to adjust the temperature. The maximum temperature is 450°F. We recommend that you use the highest grilling temperature to safely cook meat, but being able to adjust the temperature makes this small appliance adapted to cooking a wide range of dishes.

Cuisinart GR0300WS Griddler Elite Stainless Steel

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This Cuisinart indoor grill has more features when compared to the Philips smokeless indoor grill. This might not be a good option if you don’t need advanced grilling features, but otherwise, this grill is worth looking at.

You can switch between different modes, including grill, griddle, and Panini press thanks to the cover. You can control temperature on two different zones and turn half of the appliance into a griddle while using the other half as a grill.

There are a top and a bottom heat source and you can easily switch between the two depending on how you want to sear your food. The grill features a timer, and you can turn the temperature all the way up to 500°F for two minutes at a time.

Getting used to the complex controls might take a while, but the appliance features an LED display to help you keep track of the temperature and cooking mode used.

What We Think

Our Philips smokeless indoor grill review is positive because this is a performing appliance that makes indoor grill easy. This appliance is ideal if you have limited experience with grilling and would rather cook with a constant temperature.

Not being able to adjust the temperature of the grill helps you get even results and is a great way to make sure meat is thoroughly cooked before you serve it. However, the grill might not be adapted to your needs if you want to grill delicate meats and other foods that require low heat.

We recommend this indoor grill because it’s easy to use, you won’t have to worry about smoke, and it does a great job of reducing splattering.

Coupons And Deals

You can get this indoor grill for $176 at Bed Bath & Beyond if you are a Beyond+ member. You can purchase a one-year Beyond+ membership for $29 a year and get 20 percent off all your purchases.

The deal is interesting if you already have a membership, but you can still save $15 on the appliance by purchasing a membership, and benefit from additional savings if you shop at Bed Bath & Beyond again this year.

Phillips delivers a small but performing appliance with the Advance Collection smokeless indoor grill. We like that the appliance is designed to be safe and easy to use, but think the lack of temperature control can be a drawback depending on what you like to grill. If you are new to grilling or only plan on grilling meats and other classic BBQ dishes, this indoor grill is a must-have appliance.

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